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Bringing your brand alive - Online!

Tailored web designs to match business requirements and
achieve long-term success!

I am DT Verster, the Crazy Ant, a freelance web designer. I work with small companies, start-ups, and individuals on web design project of all sizes


Tailored Web Design for Extended Customer Reach and Profitability!


At Crazy Ant Digital, we understand that every business has unique website requirements. That’s why we offer web design services that are tailored to deliver the best solution for you. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your website will showcase your business perfectly.

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Crazy Ant Digital SEO


Crazy Ant Digital's search engine optimisation services help you optimise and improve your website's ranking in search engine results, driving more traffic and business. We use the most effective strategies to get you results and help you achieve your goals.


We specialise in helping businesses create unique and compelling branding that stands out from the competition. We understand the importance of a strong identity and work closely with our clients to ensure their brand reflects their values and goals.

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Crazy Ant Digital Hosting


Crazy Ant Digital provides safe and reliable hosting and online protection services that will make your website and online business thrive. Our cloud-based solutions hosting providers are cost-effective, and scalable, delivering the optimum hosting solution to satisfy your requirements.


A Different Approach, Using Proven Methods of Design

Crazy Ant Digital is a forward-thinking web design agency dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to expand and capitalise on their presence in the digital landscape. Founded on creativity, collaboration, and client-centricity principles, we offer a comprehensive suite of digital services to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and revenue generation.

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